I'm here because...

I'm absolutely passionate about helping and inspiring others to heal. I love educating and empowering people. It’s an amazing pleasure and honor to share the journey with another being as they walk the path of transformation. By helping others to find their own healing, I too have found healing for myself many glorious times over. 

I’m a free-spirited old soul with a love and appreciation for herbal tea, my two little wild women and all things spiritual and metaphysical. I am a born Psychic Medium, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified Health Coach in 2010, I have a fun show on Concord TV called Intuitive Insights featuring a variety of interesting topics,  and I am co-owner and co-creator of Wild Woman Wellness Center in Chichester NH. 

I've spent my life helping others to see, acknowledge, open to and hone their own healing abilities and intuitive gifts. We are all born healers and we are all born intuitive. Yes my friend, even you. Yes, YOU! I use energy healing, mediumship, card readings, guided meditation and intuitive coaching as insightful tools to connect with others and share love, guidance and wisdom from the Universe and from their Loved Ones in Spirit. My intention is to help others to connect to their own Innate Power, to step into their Purpose, Shine their Light and Unleash their Potential.

I'm grateful that you're here reading this because I know there is a reason. I know there is something inside of you waiting to be let free, to grow in the light of your awareness. Perhaps just reading this will be the catalyst you need to take the leap of faith and start living a little more authentically as you open to the inner wisdom and guidance that is already available to you. Perhaps you feel drawn to one of the healing services I offer as a way to gain insight or clarity. Either way - I wish you peace and empowerment on your journey and I am grateful and honored for any way which I could be of assistance to you on your path. 


Honored to have been featured on the following programs:

Bridge Between Two Worlds

Allbusinessmedia FM (interview below)

Positive Perceptions

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